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Emily welcomes you to her massage studio, located in her home at N7104 East Lakecrest Drive in Shawano.Emily Ilg of Natural Therapeutics  A waft of an essential oil and the soothing sound of music for relaxation greet your senses

From the beginning, clients have been aware that Emily’s work is of a different nature.  Her early training at National Institute of Health in Oakland, CA, set her apart.  In addition there has always been a very intuitive quality that often elicits such comments as, “Just when I thought the pressure was too intense, she let up.”  “She just know what I need and where to work better than I do.”

The clientele who seek Emily out are varied:  men, women, children, seniors, those who are very ill and in distress,  those who use bodywork to prevent illness and injury.  For many who have moved away, it is a “must”  must to schedule a massage while visiting the Fox Valley.

A recent article in the magazine, “Women’sHealth”, by Paul Zak PhD. reports this documentation:

“15 minutes of massage reduces levels of a stews chemical (adrenocortictropic) by 7% increases the “feel good” oxytocin levels by 17%.  This results in creating an immune system that works better.   Scheduling massage can protect you from illness.

Women’sHealth, May 2013